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Welcome to the Alpha Site!

You've discovered GateWorld's brand new Alpha Site, an outpost of hope in case disaster strikes and our main site,, is unreachable. Most of the time this site will sit here quietly, keeping an eye out in case things go south. You'll find the latest Stargate news and information at But if you are unable to reach the site (and you know it's not your computer or ISP's fault), come to GateWorld's Alpha Site!

This site resides on a different server with a different Web host, so the only reason that both it and would be unreachable at the same time is that a massive alien plow has destroyed the Earth to make room for an intergalactic super-highway. Or your modem is unplugged. / Forums Offline
POSTED Tuesday, 7th April 2009

The Gateworld sites are currently offline due to a hardware fault on our primary database server. As soon as this is rectified, the websites will be back online.

We estimate this will be around 4-8 hours.

Thank you for your patience and your support of GateWorld!


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